County of San Diego
Emergency Medical Services
LEMSIS Resource Bridge

Integrative Preparedness

ImageTrend Resource Bridge
ImageTrend Resource Bridge provides secure, anytime, anywhere access via an internet connection allowing system-wide resource tracking, alerting and real-time patient status information flow between prehospital providers and receiving emergency department (ED) personnel. Resource Bridge is a database-driven web application intended as a county-wide communication and information flow solution. This system has been designed to easily monitor and alert regarding ED and hospital bed availability, inpatient (IP) admissions boarded in the ED, surge and multi-casualty incident bed availability and ED/Specialty Care services availability.

The system provides:

  • Hospital Hub: provides Emergency Departments with real-time access to electronic EMS reports and allows Emergency Department to enter outcome data for EMS agencies.
  • ED, Specialty Care and Specialist availability/diversion status.
  • Resource tracking (ventilators, ED beds, IP boarding in ED, surge/MCI capacity).
  • Alert notifications (drills, bed counts, system information).
  • Unique views to facilitate system and data access for all users system-wide.
  • Standard and ad hoc reporting to turn data into useful information.
  • The application is scalable to conform to the needs of small, medium and large facilities as required.
  • Easy expansion through its open architecture as needs grow and evolve.

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